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When working from home, it’s essential to keep everything clean and organized. This is especially true if you have a smaller office, as it can get cluttered much more easily. So, in order to avoid having to work in clutter or not being able to find an important document when you need it the most, you should think about adding more storage to your home office. With that in mind, here are a few storage ideas you should consider.

Add some glass jars

Glass jars come in many different sizes, and they are ideal for pens, business cards, paper clips, and other smaller supplies. You can place them on your open shelf, or you can keep a few on your desk and use them as pen holders. They can also be decorated in many different ways, so if you like DIY projects, you can use glass jars to make some unique storage items.

Use your mugs

Just like glass jars, mugs can also serve as pencil holders. Plus, they come in various shapes and colors, and you can also decorate them yourself. In other words, you can easily customize your mugs in a way that would fit your office style perfectly. They can serve to make a statement, bring a spark of humor to your professional office, or just emphasize the sense of comfort. Plus, the best thing about them and their variety is that they can easily be changed when you decide to upgrade your décor a bit.

Use all the vertical space

Even if you happen to be a bit short, you can still make use of top shelves and cabinets. After all, you probably have many items or documents that you won’t really need for a while, so you can keep those on the top shelves. When you do happen to need them, there’s always a chair you can use. It would be a shame to dismiss all that extra space when you could use it instead. So, think about installing some quality storage solutions that would cover all the available space, and you can even get a small footstool in case you actually do need to reach the top shelves more often.


Considering all the tiny office supplies most of us keep in our drawer, it can be difficult to stay organized. Not to mention that such small items tend to get lost a lot, and they can never be found when needed. A good solution to this problem would be to use a muffin tin. Depending on how much room you have in your drawer, you can place a smaller tin inside and use it for storing rubber bands, paper clips, pencil leads, and all the other little things you need.

Have a fully enclosed workspace

If your home office is more of a corner instead of an entire room, you should think about enclosing it entirely. Your office space could become storage space itself by transforming it into an extra closet. You’d have everything you need in one place, and when you’re done working, you can simply close the doors. This is perfect if, for example, your office is a part of your living room, because this way, your small office would not affect the room décor.  

Hang it up

If you don’t like stacking things on a shelf, you can also hang them. For example, your everyday items like wire baskets or over-the-door pocket organizers can fulfill their purpose in your office as well. You can use them for storing your gadgets, phone, business cards, and other smaller items that need to be within your reach.

When organization is in question, you can never have too much storage. Plus, there are so many different storage solutions, finding – or creating – some that would fit your home office should not be a problem. So, observe your office space, think about the listed suggestions, and your new organized office is bound to make you more productive than you were before.

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Cubes are a perfect storage solution because their shape can match anything, from your storage boxes filled with supplies to your collection of books or flower vases that you’d like to display in your home office. They are also fairly easy to construct, so you can build your own custom storage that would match your office décor perfectly.

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