Abandoned CD Transferred To Dream Catcher

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I'm a little lazy so just wrote a few words for this tutorial, but you can check my video for help. It's much easy to understand. 

Step 1:Organizer decorations

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String some ornamentation on the hairpins. Here you need to fix them with glue in the same pattern so they look nice altogether.


Step 2:Fix ornamentation onto CD

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Put the hairpins onto CD one by one in a circle, thus they’ll look amazing. No glue should be missed here or they’ll fall off easily. 

Step 3:Add more ornamentation

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Add more ornamentation in rest blank part of CD in a circle.

Note: ornamentation should be arranged from dense to sparse with different colors. 

Step 4:Fix pendants

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String the ornaments together with threads and hand them on the back of CD with hot glue.

The last step, fix a ribbon handle on the back of CD so the dream catcher can hold or hand simply.

Here it is, my lovely dream catcher!

It’ll be much appreciated if you like and vote for me.



  • abandoned CD
  • some hairpins
  • all kinds of small ornamentation
  • hot glue
  • tweezers
  • glue
  • needlework
  • scissors
  • ribbon


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Kathie Stott Brilliant ideal
Wanda Newsome Chic idea!
Wanda Townsend Beautiful work !voted!
James Bond Nice!
Patricia Tanis Voted and shared. 

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