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Hi guys, let's make a beautiful resin crystal bracelet. 

Step 1:Mixing the glue

Mixing the glue_dearlivesMixing the glue_dearlivesMixing the glue_dearlives
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Mixing the crystal glue in proportion (A:B=30g:10g).

Notes: make sure the glue weight within 25g to 80g. 

Step 2:Stirring the glue

Stirring the glue_dearlivesStirring the glue_dearlives
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Stir the mixed glue clockwise for about 5 minutes.

Note: There’ll be many bubbles if stirring too fast. 

After mixing and stirring, placing it there for a few minutes till no bubbles. 

Step 3:Injecting glue

Injecting glue_dearlivesInjecting glue_dearlives
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Injecting the mixed glue into bracelet mold for about a half volume.

Note: Bubbles will be produced when injecting. You can remove them by the toothpick. 

Step 4:Solidify the glue

Solidify the glue_dearlives
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Cover it then wait for about 3 hours for curing.

Step 5:Fill in dried flowers

Fill in dried flowers_dearlives
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After curing, put dried flowers as designs as you like. 

Step 6:Sealing by glue

Sealing by glue_dearlives
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Full filling the mold after finishing putting flowers. Then cover it and wait for another 12 hours till harden. 

Step 7:Take off the mold

Take off the mold_dearlivesTake off the mold_dearlives
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Step 8:Polishing

Polishing _dearlivesPolishing _dearlives
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First, gently polishing it with a thicker sandpaper.

Then grinding the inner circle with a finer sandpaper. 

Step 9:Done

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Here comes the beautiful bracelet. 


  • resin glue
  • silicone bracelet mold
  • dried flowers
  • scales, gloves
  • measurement cups
  • stirrer
  • toothpick


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