Baby’s Breath Frame Tutorial

When I have a bunch of beautiful Babys breath, It brightens my mood and I feel so happy, as everyone loves the beauty. While as it known to all, the fresh flower will soon fade. How can we have a choice to keep the flowers in bloom all the time? I would like to share you a project of make a Babys breath Frame.



1. Scissor

2. Babys Breath

3. Two Plywoods

4. 4 Long Bolts and Nuts

5. Newsprint Paper

6. Corrugating Paper

7. Electric drill and bit

8. A beautiful frame with both sides transparent



Main Steps:

Step 1: Make dried babys breath

Drill four holes on the two plywoods with the electric drill and bit. ( pay attention to keep these two in even)



Put a Corrugating Paper on one plywood and then put five pieces of newsprint paper on the corrugating paper, and then put the babys breath on the newsprint paper. After finishing this, five pieces of, a corrugating paper and the other plywood should be covered in order. Finally, Mount 4 long bolts and screw on the nuts ( the tighter the better).


And then leave this for about 10 days to become dried babys breath

Step 2: Put the dried babys breath in the frame

After 10 days, the dried flowers must come into being. And now, what we should do is to put it into the frame. We should choose a frame which is transparent in order to show the beauty of the flower.




Sorry, liked already!



Raysa Colon The product is nice. But I am not sure how to make it successful.
linda melton The final work looks good.

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