Understand the background of Christmas now

Christmas is a yearly carnival honouring the birth of JESUS CHRIST on December 25, as a holy and traditional celebration among the billions of people around the world. But the date is not indicated in the Bible and most historians believe that Jesus was born in spring. Most probably this date was selected because it matched with the ancient pagan commemoration saturnalia. Christians celebrate the Christmas day as the birthday of JESUS CHRIST, who was a spiritual leader and who taught people that form the belief in their religion. Christmas day celebration includes decorating a Christmas tree, exchanging gifts etc. and waiting for Santa Claus to distribute gifts. In the US, the Christmas day i.e. 25 Dec. is declared a national holiday since 1870.

The history and inheritance of Christmas:

Roman pagans initially declared the holiday of Saturnalia, it the period between 17-25 days which is celebrated and during these days no one is punished for hurting anything. During this month the slaves become rulers, the food and drink become abundant and farm worker was in the expertise of the city. Schools and business were closed so that everyone becomes part of this celebration. The higher classes of Romans also celebrated the anniversary of Mithra on Dec. 25. For some Romans Mithra’s anniversary was considered as the most blessed day of the year. In the early years, Easter was the main holiday, as the birth of Jesus was not celebrated. Then the church selected this date to adopt the customs of the pagan Saturnalia commemoration. From 1659 to 1681, celebrating Christmas was against Boston's law.  In the Jamestown reimbursement, it was reported by john smith that Christmas was delighted by all and passed without instance.

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Christmas inheritance:

Until the 19th century, the Americans begin to hold Christmas and re-created Christmas as a disorderly festival holiday into a family – addressed day of melancholy and peace. About this period an English author Charles Dickens made a typical holiday anecdote a Christmas carol.

A Christmas carol:

The message of the tale is to highlight the significance of charity and goodwill towards the mankind and hit a powerful musical tone in England and US and presents the member of Victorian civilization the advantages of rejoicing the holiday. It was written through an era when England was discovering and re-assessing past Christmas inheritance, containing carols and new traditions such as Christmas trees. He has written 3 Christmas stories before writing the tale, the theme of the story was the cure of the pure and the capability of a self-centered man to convert himself to a more kindly character.

A Christmas tree:

A Christmas tree is an ornamented tree, typically an evergreen conifer, such as pine, fir or spruce. It can be an artificial tree of the same look. Christmas trees gain popularity far from the Lutheran areas of Germany. Traditionally the Christmas tree was decorated with roses made of colorful paper, sweets, tinsel, and wafers. Previously it was lit up by the candles and now it is decorated with Christmas lights such as baubles, tinsels, chaplets and candy sticks.
It is seen that annually around 30-35 Christmas trees are sold in US and trees mainly propagate for about 5 years earlier they are sold.

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