Seven reasons why people love Christmas

The Christmas season is celebrated in different countries of the world depending upon their religion, culture, and traditions. People love Christmas season because they love to decorate Christmas trees, having fun with friends and family and getting an off from work.

Here are the seven reasons why people love Christmas

1. The real meaning of Christmas:
People love Christmas because of the reason of Christmas inheritance and celebrating the holy birth of Jesus.

2. The Christmas snow:

The snowfall is the reason to love this season as it clears the earth and begins the New Year. Children and adults all love to play with the snow and makes a snowman. The snow brings the sight of a winter and Christmas season. One should experience snowfall at Christmas as it makes it even worth seeing.

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3. People love Christmas cookies:

People love Christmas cookies and you can take a cold glass of milk along with it. It is fact that Queen Elizabeth dreamt up of gingerbread cookies, she didn’t bake herself but her royal baker baked the gingerbread cookies. People leave cookies for Santa to eat them, parents let their children practice this thing by giving them a concept of sharing and be open-handed at the time of commercial crisis.

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4. Christmas lights and decorations:

Christmas lights and decoration gives a warm feeling of Christmas. People love to buy fresh decorative materials and new lights and decorate the Christmas tree. All these things give a feeling of Christmas is nearby and the joy even increases when you know there is a gift waiting for you under the Christmas tree.

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5. Christmas carols:

People love to listen to Christmas carols and music with a cup of hot cocoa. Many Christmas songs reflect the reverent entrance of our Savior in this world. People love to sing this song which is very popular all over the world i.e. “ We wish you a Merry Christmas”, and the song “jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way” are very popular among the children and adults.

6. Christmas dinners:

Christmas brings the family together due to get together at family dinners. Apart from Thanksgiving, people gather all over the world at one table to celebrate Christmas and have Christmas chats and fill the air with laughter. Traditional Christmas food is prepared with seasonal recipes and leftover food is also famous. Most of the people spend hour’s even days to make Christmas food.

7. Dressing up for Christmas:

People love to wear Santa outfits and children wear red Santa hats, festive jumpers are also worn by the people and other Christmas outfits. River Island is famous for the bold coloured dress.

Christmas 2018:

In 2018, Christmas holidays are celebrated in the same way as before it was celebrated. New movies will be releasing on this December. People will exchange gift and would enjoy parties and dinners with their relatives and families. Kids would be waiting for Santa Claus and the gifts surprises. So Christmas would be really fun and exciting.

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