Five Reasons Why People Love Tea Bag Painting

Ruby Silvious is New-York based artists, who invented this amazing art culture in 2015.  While working on his project, he made a visual diary that consists of different miniature art on several tea-bags. 

Undoubtedly, it’s a new and different way to express the emotion of the artist. Now, it’s become a fun art for kids. Many schools are practice this art in their drawing classes.

Reasons why tea bag painting is attractive and why people love it

  1. Parents use it as a fun activity at home:

What a pleasure, when you gather your kids and give them a task to draw different art piece on the tea bags. New things always attract kids and adults as well. The kids will definitely love this new idea of painting because they use to play with the color at an early age. 

  2. Painting is always a pleasure:

When you paint anything, most of the time your painting reflect the inner side of your personality. So, tea bag art is a new idea that imposes your feeling on the small canvas. People are also creating new art and craft ideas using tea bags. The best thing about these tea bags are, you don't need to pay anything for that, only used tea bags can be used in this painting type.

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  3.The practice of new art culture:

The tea bag art introduces a new culture of art.  Not only for painting purpose but people also used these small things in a creative way like use it as advertisement or pain different images and put them on the restaurant wall to describe any specific story and many other things. The different craft ideas using tea bags are including storytelling, cartoon images for kids, awareness images and many more.  

  4.Painting on tea bag as gift ideas:

The tea bag art can be used to make different crafts and gifts. Collect different teabags and draw different illustrations on that and gift it to your tea lover friend. Many coffee shops are also using the idea of putting the painted teabags on the main wall of the restaurant. It really creates fun.  

  5.Colors always attract:

The tea bag art is the best way to practicing your painting skills. According to a research, planning with color will decrease the level of depression. You will see, whenever you start playing with color, it will give you the inner peace. This new art type bringing a new revolution in the art field. The painter will have illustrated different painting and crafts that are beyond expectations. This tea bag art is really a high level of creativity. 

The tea bag gift ideas are really cheap and innovative because you never pay any penny for a gift however you are giving the best gift to your loved one. The field of fine art is vast and the new invention always welcomes on this platform. The uses of these painted teabags are very effective and eye-catchy.

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