DIY Recycled Pokemon Planters

During summer, we all have a collection of cola bottles at our homes because we love to have cola in the severe season. You will be amazed to know this cola bottle can easily be recycled and used to build pokemon planters. You just need to use the bottom of the cola bottle for this purpose. You can have several ideas by making pokemon planters through these cola plastic bottles. Let us tell you this process is so easy. When you will make one, you will get more interest. You just need to spend some time to implement your ideas through these plastic cola bottles.

What are 5 pokemon planters?

Here, we are going to discuss, 5 pokemon planters. 

Collect the essentials

First of all, you need to collect all the essential things including coca cola plastic bottles, marker, paint and paintbrush, knife, pencil, and scissors, etc.

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1.chikorita planter

We suggest you measure the exact size and height of chikorita. It will help you to draw exactly on the plastic bottle.

·Wash the cola bottle, dry it and prepare it for further procedure

·At the height equal to chikorita and trace the same pattern on the top of the plastic bottle

·We suggest you to use an x-acto knife to cut the pattern that you have drawn

·Make acrylic color. Apply one coat of paint on the outer surface

·Don't paint the eyes and other organs directly. Take separate white paper and use some special technique to paint these organs neatly on the plastic bottle.

·Use glue to stick these painted eyes on chikorita

2.Bulbasaur Planter

·Clean and dry the bottle. Similar as above, measure the height of Bulbasaur and draw a pattern on the plastic bottle.

·After making the pattern, cut the bottle in accurate shape

·Use white, blue and green color and continue to add the color until you will become satisfied with the color

·The pattern of drawing eyes is as same as of chikorita

3.Shaymin Planter

In this planter, the cutting pattern is different. Cut two flower patterns and each flower should have 6 petals

·Cut the bottle and paint it with white acrylic paint.

·Paint the Cutout plastic flowers with pink and yellow-white acrylic paint.

·At the head, attach two flower patterns through glue. 

·Make eyes on colored craft paper and attach them below the flowers

·After attaching mouth cutout, use a black sharpie to draw the nose

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4.Hoppip Planter

·Prepare the bottle for the procedure. Measure the height.

·Cut the plastic bottle with a knife

·Paint the cut out of the bottle with pink paint

·Use Yellow craft paper to make eyes and place them on an appropriate place with glue

·Cut the mouth pattern from pink craft paper, and place it on cutout bottle

·Use a black sharpie to make ears, your planter is ready

5.Chespin Planter

All the steps are the same until you have done a painting of the base coat

·Use yellow paint for Chespin 

·Use a pencil to draw the patterns and choose matching colors for painting as Chespin 

·Paint eyes on separate white paper. Use orange craft paper for nose and white paper for teeth.

·Cut all these patterns and attach on Chespin's cutout bottle

Try to follow these simple steps for recycling of pokemon planters. We hope, at the end result, you will be inspired through these pokemon planters.

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