7 Things You Can Recycle as Trash to Treasure Art

Have you ever wondered why trash is not supposed to just thrown away into the bin as suggested by the environmental authorities? Well, most of the items that we call waste and tend to throw away are usually either plastic or tin. Plastic possesses some bad qualities when it comes in direct contact with heat or any other chemical exposure thing, because of which it becomes harmful for the secure environment to breathe in or consume the tiny particles.

With the help of the concerned authorities, some really talented known/unknown artists, and people who wish to make this world a better place to live in, the trash to treasure art has been introduced which allows people in experimenting with their artistic skills and create a useful product out of waste.

The trash to treasure ideas for grade school is amazing and feasible for even small kids to try. This way, not only does their creativity skills are enhanced but they also get to know about the side-effects of throwing regular waste into the trash bin.

What is the treasure and how is trash related to it is the question that people; especially kids ask when they are told to practice the trash to treasure art. Here are some of the ideas of recycling trash into treasure art which kids can try on their own for the sake of making the younger generation make aware of its benefits etc.

The plastic bottles:

The plastic bottles can be reused as follows:

· Decoration items by using scissors, stickers, and paints.

· Small plant pots to be placed inside the house.

· Battery operated LED lamps.

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The tin:

Tins which you get from preserved food items etc. can be spray painted, hand painted, put stickers on, or wrapped by a gift sheet to be used for the following purposes.

· Containers for holding toothbrush etc. in the toilet.

· Hanging plant pots.

· Stacking cups for kids by reshaping them.

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The broken furniture:

The broken furniture clearly explains what is the treasure and ways to use trash in the most productive methods possible. You can turn a broken chair’s back into a wine holder or use the head of the bed to be made into a small bench for kids.

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Damaged crockery:

Damaged crockery which chips off or gets broken can be turned into hanging plates, platters, and spoons etc. Also, if the crockery is in plastic then it could be used as one of the feasible trash to treasure ideas for grade school by using them for painting etc.

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Old bedsheets:

Old bedsheets can be sewn together in different colors to make a rug.

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Plastic bags:

The large and small sized plastic bags can be used as a protector for children to wear while painting, put beneath the bedsheets to save from wetting, or under the paper for the floor to not get stained.

Empty boxes and bottles:

The empty cereal boxes and shampoo bottles can be turned into magazine and mobile holders etc. by cutting them appropriately.

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The trash to treasure art for recycling is the best way to reuse the things that we consider to be useless and waste. Hence, it should be promoted especially among kids to create awareness about the steps that we can individually practice for an improved environment and atmosphere.

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